Announcement: Hiatus

Sadly, In the Silence is on indefinite hiatus. This story is my first attempt at writing a serial novel and so I did not quite understand how drastically the process differed from writing a novel “alone”, so to speak.

I am naturally a “discovery” writer, in that I discover the story as I write. Unfortunately, this also means that sometimes, especially during transition points in the story, I get stuck if I no longer have a clear vision of where to go.

I have hit this point. This would be of no consequence if I were writing as I usually would. However, I am not writing alone. I apologize to you, dear readers, that I did not enter this project better prepared. Had I had a better understanding of how difficult a project like this is, I would not have undertaken it.

However, this story is not abandoned. I continue to struggle with it. I’m not ready to give up on Gareth and Charlie and a story that I do dearly love. I hope that sometime in the near future I will have the story once again in hand, and, this time better prepared, I can continue on.

Episode Twenty Four: Complications (Pt.3)

Recap: Senator Matthews accepts Gareth’s invitation to meet with him inside the rebellion’s walls. A fight breaks out between the rebels and the military when Matthews crosses over the boarders. One of Matthews interns is wounded. The next day, Gareth and Matthews start their tour of the rebellion, visiting the prison where the werewolves are held during the full moon. Matthews wonders if it is possible to find a cure.

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Announcement: Apologies and Delays

I want to apologize to everyone for the last few missed updates and for not making a post to explain. I’ve been busy with the current college semester rapidly coming to an end, and I’ve also been dealing with mental health issues that have made it difficult to keep on top of everything. I’ve been making progress on the mental health front, especially with some adjustments to medication, but now having reached the last two weeks in the semester, I’m finding that I cannot juggle both school work and In the Silence. Therefore, updates for In the Silence will be delayed at least another two weeks, possibly three. I hope to continue updating no later than May 20th.

I apologize for the hiatus, and I thank everyone who is sticking with this story.

Episode Twenty Four: Complications (Pt.1)

Sunlight pours through the windows of the prison, a welcome change in Gareth’s opinion. While the building will never be pleasant to visit, he prefers the warm sunlight and their echoing footsteps through the empty cellblocks to the chaos and screaming of the full moon. He has finished explaining to Senator Matthews what they use this prison for, assuring him that his questions will be answered once they reach their destination. Charlie and her friends are working in one of the cellblocks today, learning how to help Adam take over the responsibility of preparing for the full moon. Gareth enjoys the quiet until Senator Matthews asks, “What do you do here, Miss…?”

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Unfortunately, this week’s post is going to be delayed. I’m not currently happy with this episode so I’ve decided to wait to post it, and as I have midterms this week as well, I might not have it up until next week. I’m sorry for the delay. I will have the chapter up as soon as possible.

Episode Twenty Three: The Rebellion (Pt.2)

Gareth wills Jordan, with everything in his being, not to start trouble, not in front of Matthews. Jordan’s eyes rove from Gareth to Matthews. He stares at Matthews in confusion for a minute before his eyes widen. He stands up straighter, and his scowl fades into an almost neutral expression. The apartment building’s front door opens, and Andy steps out, holding a thermos. Andy hands it to Jordan who takes it with a grateful expression and a low murmur. Like his brother, Andy stares at Matthews before recognizing him. His whole body stiffens in shock.

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